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Your Outsourced Marketing Manager

Your Outsourced Marketing Manager

Keeping the Marketing Momentum Going

"The objective of Marketing Management is to create customers who create more customers"

Abhimanyu Pugla

Imagine if you could work alongside another like-minded, business focused professional, that really cares and understands the challenges of managing your business.  With Cornerstone Your Business you will get just that!

Rather than fitting your business into a marketing package where you end up with a number of services you are paying for but don't really want or use, we provide a fully flexible solution to your marketing, that suits you and your business. 

As businesses grow and time is squeezed, it is often the case that business owners look to outsource work.  Recruiting a dedicated marketing employee may seem appealing, but is the permanent cost to your business just too daunting?  Or, maybe are you struggling to find the skill set you require for your business within one individual?  


Working with a marketing agency is another way to lighten the load, however, the cost, tie in's and retainers often put small businesses off taking the plunge!  Cornerstone Your Business offers another option.  With one dedicated point of contact for all your marketing needs, we will act as your internal Marketing Manager, as and when required.  Instead of outsourcing parts of your marketing to a social media agency, SEO company and Web agency, Cornerstone Your Business can provide these skills under one roof.  Whether it's the creation of your marketing plan you need support with or the implementation of tasks, we will 'join the dots' of your marketing.  With always a dedicated point of contact and a wealth of independent specialists to call upon when we need them.

We will act as your marketing department with the purpose of keeping your marketing momentum going and making life easier for the business owner.  We will work together with you, supporting internal members of staff if required, driving the pace of ongoing activities or simply lightening the load when work builds up. 

It all starts with a conversation, why not give us a call and we can discuss how to move your business forward.

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