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Your 2020 Marketing Review

What a year 2020 was. ‘Unprecedented’ seemed to be the key word, with no business immune to the changes it brought.

Throw into the mix the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and for many businesses their marketing plans altered hugely to those which at the beginning of the year they had set out to accomplish.

But in spite of that change of course, a comprehensive review of 2020 marketing is an essential first step in creating your marketing plans for 2021; looking at what has worked, and what hasn’t.

Cornerstone Your Business Outsourced Marketing Manager Jessica says: “For your business

to successfully ride the Coronacoaster in 2021 you must make a comprehensive review of your 2020 marketing.

“Many of my clients have found surprises along the way after doing this; particularly because of the way everything moved so swiftly to online, away from face-to-face and print advertising, and at times, solely via social networks and

email marketing.”

Jess advises that you first make a list of your marketing channels – website, social media, networking, email-marketing, online and offline advertising etc. Then note next to each one how much time and budget has been spent in every area.

Know Your Figures

“It’s so important to know your figures,” she says. “How much Return on Investment did you get from each of those marketing channels? How many new clients did you get in 2020 and where did they hear about you? Have you retained your existing client base or have you lost clients this past year?”

Once you’ve got everything on paper, hopefully you’ll be able to see marked trends, meaning in 2021 you can do more of what’s worked and less of what’s not!

And don’t forget, your business isn’t the only one to have struggled this past year; so look to the big brands to see the marketing changes they’ve made in 2020 which supported their key messages and kept them afloat.

Branding Opportunity

Things like innovation, looking at new ways to market your business. Branding for example was hit hard, with potential customers not permitted to visit any of the normal places they might see your branding. But what one thing is everyone wearing now? A face mask. So how about branded face masks for your staff, or free branded hand gels for your customers?

Have a think about collaboration too. The motto for 2020 was ‘we’re all in this together’, with big brands sharing their support for each other with joint marketing campaigns. Are there companies that complement yours that you could work with? Can you come together to get your key messages out there? And maybe at the same time tick another 2020 box:‘supporting community’?

Key Marketing Messages

Depending on the size of your business, don’t forget internal communications too. With staff working remotely, and unable to get that all-important in-person contact with their colleagues, visibility and leading from the top is essential for making your workforce feel supported. Getting your key marketing messages out internally will help your staff to bolster your company’s goals, as well as keeping them informed of all that is being done company-wide to generate new business. Sharing successes and championing great work is good for morale... and for marketing!

“Remember that sometimes you need to look back to successfully push forward, and by analysing your 2020 marketing, you can make sure your plan in 2021 delivers for you,” adds Jess.

“And of course, do give me a call to assist you with writing your New Year’s marketing plans; creating together a bespoke strategy that works uniquely for your business.”


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