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The Importance of a CRM System for your Business

Here at Cornerstone Your Business many of our new clients don’t have a CRM system in place when we begin working with them.

So in this blog we thought we’d highlight some of the many reasons a CRM is so important for your business – whatever its size – and how we suggest you go about getting one. As ever, all of the information on our blog is free to access; but should you wish to learn more about how we can support you with any marketing element of your business, then do give Jess a call on 07929 905 229.

What is a CRM?

CRM is the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. It’s essentially a piece of software that holds the details of your clients, and potential clients, for example where they are in the buying process, what correspondence you have had and their spend history.

Why does your business need one?

A CRM streamlines how you manage your relationship with your clients. As anyone in your business can securely access the information, any member of staff can draw up the details about a specific client; meaning they’re not reliant on garnering that information from the one member of staff who personally holds it! Everyone in your business can see the customer’s journey and interaction with you, and in a world where there are multiple ways to contact a person, preferences can be included.

By having all of the details in one place, it can also support your marketing activity so you can target groups of clients, or all of your clients, sending out messaging about your business efficiently. It can also be easily updated, so that you can revise a postal address or mark a person as deceased, so your business doesn’t continue to insensitively contact them.

“What I often find,” says Cornerstone Your Business Marketing Manager Jess, “Is that a business can be working really hard, and often paying, to gain new enquiries and leads, only to see them slip away if the lead doesn’t materialise into a sale straight away. But it’s important to remember that only a few percent of people will be ready to buy from your business the first time they reach out to you. A CRM ensures their information is on record within your business, so that you have the opportunity to reach out to these warmed-up leads again in future.”

A CRM will also increase repeat business, by helping you to effectively target marketing and giving you an accurate database to inform your clients of new products or services. The clients’ data will also be held within your business, so even if a member of your staff leaves, the data doesn’t leave with them.

How do you create a CRM for your business?

“This is certainly something Cornerstone Your Business can support you with,” says Jess. “I’d personally recommend Hubspot, Capsule and ActiveCampaign, and there are plusses and minuses to each which I can talk you through so we reach the best CRM solution for your business.”

What about GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a relatively recent EU privacy regulation which all businesses, regardless of their size, must comply with if they hold any personal data of their clients. It applies to how personal data is securely stored and protected, including a person’s name and date of birth.

When choosing a new CRM for your business you should ensure that it is supporting you to be GDPR compliant, including recognising how different types of data are stored and shared within your business, such as a client’s bank details.

If you’re launching a new business then beginning with a CRM will save you valuable time and money in the future. And if you have an existing business then streamlining the data you hold about your existing and potential clients could quickly start reaping rewards. Should you need any guidance with implementing a CRM, GDPR compliance or indeed any other aspect of your marketing, Cornerstone Your Business can offer one-off or regular marketing support from Outsourced Marketing Manager Jess. Our videos are a great way to learn a bit more about what we can do for you.

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