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How to build sustainable marketing into your marketing plan?

Sustainability. It’s not just the buzz word of the moment but something we all need to be thinking about in our daily lives; as business owners, as consumers and as human beings.

As we all look to make changes where we can by perhaps buying less meat, purchasing locally and using alternative travel methods, it’s important to remember that as business owners our customers will be consciously making their own choices in this regard too.

“I recently attended a course on 'How marketers can drive sustainability across the business',” says Cornerstone Your Business freelance marketing manager, Jessica Morris-McKenzie.

“Sustainability is close to my heart and as a marketer I have the opportunity to influence and educate. It’s said marketing is lagging behind on this topic, with one of the reasons cited being the priority business owners and board members give to it.

“So could you do more in your business?”

What is ‘sustainable marketing’?

Sustainable marketing is all about promoting the long-term environmental objectives, values and strategies of your business, to increase sales from eco-conscious customers and simultaneously do your own bit to prevent climate change.

Sustainable marketing is about accountability – showing the steps your business is taking and promoting the long-term goals your business has in having a positive impact on the environment.

Why does sustainable marketing matter to my business?

“I believe it’s not only ethically right to prioritise our environmental impact, but good sustainability practices matter for performance too,” says Jessica.

“Trends show consumers are asking for brands that focus more on ‘purpose’ than product or service. In fact:

  • One study showed 92% of consumers agreed brands have a responsibility to change consumer behavior.

  • IBMs report Meet the 2020 Consumers Driving Change reveals ‘nearly six in 10 consumers surveyed are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact’.

“So there really is no good reason not to start making sustainable marketing a part of your business’s marketing plan.”

How can I implement sustainable marketing into my business?

To get you started, Jess recommends taking this quick quiz as an informative way to show the impactful choices we can make around climate change.

Think about long-term goals… how can your business make meaningful changes? What are you already doing that you could be promoting better? And don’t forget digital and the processes and communications you can move to online to make your business produce less paper.

Once you’ve had a brainstorm, an outsourced marketing manager like Jess can come in and form your sustainable marketing strategy, creating a plan that will support and deliver your objectives and give you a record to analyse how the changes have positively impacted both your sales and the environment.

Don’t forget, a sustainable marketing strategy is about delivering change over the long-term and bringing your customers with you on that journey. So shout about your achievements, note where you are looking to make changes in future and keep abreast of the latest environmental news so you can adapt and stay relevant in the fight against climate change.

If you’re keen to commit to keeping or adding sustainability onto your strategic business agenda, do get in touch and Cornerstone Your Business can support you with marketing best practice.

We look forward to working with you on this and other marketing solutions for your business. Call Jess on 07929 905 229.


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