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Google My Business and Local SEO Success

As free marketing tools go, Google My Business is certainly one of the easiest and most effective ways of driving customers to your business. And if you’re yet to invest any time in setting it up, then you’re missing a trick.

It has and continues to be one of the biggest drivers of local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success. But like all good marketing strategies, it requires some thought and time to make it work for your business.

“It's so important the information about your business that shows up when people search Google is accurate, complete and optimised,” says freelance marketing manager Jessica. “Quick and easy to set up, Google My Business is superb for supporting your local customers to discover your business and how best to contact you.”

So here are Cornerstone Your Business’s top tips for Google My Business optimisation...

Setting up Google My Business

When getting started with SEO, Google My Business is a great place to focus efforts. It’s a free tool that can immediately get your business listed on the front page of Google, without spending a penny! Simply head here, then you’ll need to wait up to four days for a postcard to come through the post with a four digit authorisation number. Once received you enter it, follow the instructions and work through the checklist.

Info and description

Complete all of the information as thoroughly and currently as you can. Remember that by filling this out as accurately as possible you’ll not only rank better on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but you’ll also be supporting your customers in their buying journey by giving them the information they need to find you. Then once they have, they’ll know when you’re open, where you are and how they can contact you.

Pictures and videos

Great visual content is vital to marketing success, and that rule applies to Google My Business too. By uploading relevant images and videos of your business to GMB you’ll be offering your customers a taste of what it is you do, as well as ensuring you look authentic. If your business doesn’t offer a product then pictures of your team will work, and all profiles should include an image of the building so local clients know what to look out for.

Q&A section of GMB

Although it might feel like a drain on your time, keeping up to date with your questions and answers section of your Google My Business profile is so important. This is an opportunity to really engage with your customers, and by publically answering the questions they have, you’ll be providing information and pre-empting questions your future customers might have too.

You don’t need to wait to answer questions either. If there is a query your sales team often gets asked, you can add this to your Q&As.

Google posts

In the same way posting regularly on social media accounts will engage with your customers and support your marketing strategy, so too will regularly posting on GMB. This is a great free channel to promote blogs, events, promotions or news at a local level.

Google My Business reviews

Where proximity matters, GMB’s reviews section is a super useful way for customers to gain

trust in your business. Most potential clients will read a number of reviews before making a purchase, so actively seeking out reviews from existing regional customers can really support sales. Not only that but good reviews on GMB will help your Google ranking to boot.

Google messages

Available on both desktop and mobile, GMB messages provide a simple and free way for your customers to contact you in much the same way as they would on social media. A useful line of communication, customers don’t need to click through to your website or look for your contact details; they can simply click on the ‘Message’ button and engage at any time of day or night.

Insights and reports

Just like with social media, seeing what is garnering interest, and what isn’t, on GMB means you can adjust your profile and its content to better reflect the needs of your customers. That way you’ll have more success from the content and information you do post.

Think of GMB as your Google profile locally; your shop window on the world’s biggest search engine to potential, nearby clients. It allows you to show your regional customers what you can do for them in their area, as well as providing a way for them to contact you.

Cornerstone Your Business marketing manager Jess has put together this video on why it’s important, as well as tips you can follow to enhance your profile. For a free, no obligation chat with Jess to discuss the creation or enhancement of your Google My Business profile call: 07929 905 229.

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