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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

Struggling to Market Your Small Business? Read 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing to a Dedicated Marketing Manager From Cornerstone Your Business.

As a small business owner, you can often be juggling multiple parts of your business simultaneously. At Cornerstone Your Business we understand this reality, and that marketing can often be the area left until last on your ‘to do’ list.

Hiring a full-time marketing manager may seem too much, but keeping on top of your marketing needs internally may seem too little. That’s where outsourcing your marketing to a freelancer such as Cornerstone Your Business can ensure all your marketing requirements and strategy are met, but without the commitment of adding to your workforce.

Flexibility is key; should your marketing needs increase because of, for example, a new product, we can step in to ramp up your marketing. Or conversely, if your business simply needs a steady presence, we can keep everything ticking over in the background.

So why outsource your marketing? Here are five reasons we think it could be just what your business needs...

1. Reclaim your time

With the time you’ll save outsourcing your marketing, you can focus your energy on your own expertise: managing the business. Our clients tell us that marketing is often the job which gets left until last. But when you choose to outsource your marketing, you can reclaim the time you would have taken to make strategic plans, source content, brainstorm ideas and produce material; safe in the knowledge all that, and more, is being taken care of by an expert with their finger on the pulse of modern marketing.

Read more about the value in a comprehensive marketing plan.

2. Speed up the process

If you don’t personally have a background in marketing, then planning and deciding on how to promote your business is a time-consuming activity. But at Cornerstone Your Business we have the experience to make decisions, and put those decisions into practice, in a timely fashion.

We also work with a number of trusted marketers who share our values. This means we can save time seeking out complementary businesses – such as photographers or designers – for your marketing, calling on our reliable contacts to meet the needs of your business.

It’s also important to note that while we work with other freelancers, we will always be your one point of contact for your marketing needs. So you can rest assured you’ll have continuity of service and, unlike other business needs you might outsource, you won’t need to contact various departments or colleagues to get the answers you require.

3. A multi-media approach

Marketing your business across multiple platforms can not only generate new leads, but also raise brand awareness. There are so many ways your business can have a presence; Cornerstone Your Business will strategically look at what will work best for you, delivering a bespoke service. Maybe you’d like training and tips to manage your social media yourself, or perhaps you’re happy to have it taken off your hands completely? Either way we’ll ensure your online presence is relevant, on brand and delivers for the unique needs of your business.

Find out more about our approach to social media management.

4. Gain good quality leads

We understand that for small businesses, it is quality over quantity when it comes to generating new leads. Thanks to our experience, we’ll target the marketing of your business to ensure the leads generated are meaningful and valuable.

For example, we could look at sponsored posts on social media so your message is being delivered specifically to your target audience; narrowing it down by locality, age or people’s interests. Or if you have a new product to market, we can look at how best to seek out new clients you don’t currently have on your database.

5. Retain and nurture your existing clients

Your clients value the service you provide, but it doesn’t harm to remind them you’re there and to share your successes with them. Jogging their memory in a considered manner can have a profound effect, such as passing on your newsletter to recommend your business to a friend, or reminding them to update their details with you. Touching base also lets them know you still value, and are grateful for, their business.

Keeping in touch with your database is rarely a priority amid the hugely busy task of running your own business. So for many of our clients, working on customer retention is a large part of our strategy.

Cornerstone Your Business' Marketing Manager Jess has put together this video to highlight some of the many reasons our clients have chosen us to outsource their marketing. Do give us a call to chat through how we can work with your business on 07929 905229.


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