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Paid Ads: Google v. Facebook

Dominating the online advertising industry, Google and Facebook are the main players to consider when looking into paid-for adverts for your business.

But before you do, have a read of our blog below. And if you still need support, our Outsourced Marketing Manager would be thrilled to guide you through the process of effectively using paid ads on Google and Facebook...

What are paid ads?

Simply put, paid ads refer to any advertising that you pay for, as opposed to advertising that’s free, such as word of mouth. In this blog we are specifically looking at paid-for advertising online, via Google and Facebook. But of course there are plenty of other ways to spend money on advertising online, such as affiliate marketing and SEO.

What’s the difference between Google and Facebook ads?

More often than not when you’re looking for a service or product you go to Google and type into the search bar what you’re looking for. Google Ads work on showing ads based on these search keywords or phrases. Ads are shown at the top and bottom of each page, above and below the “organic” results, i.e. those most relevant to the search term or with the best SEO.

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay for your advert to appear regardless, with Google Ads you only pay if someone clicks on your advert. First you tell Google what keywords or phrases will trigger your advert to appear when someone types them. Then you tell Google how much you’re willing to pay for each click on your advert.

Facebook on the other hand is a social network platform where online users go to socialise with friends, family or businesses, and not to buy or find solutions, as with Google. On Facebook you are interrupting the user while scrolling through their news feed and watching stories. This means they may not need or be actively searching for what you are advertising to them at that moment.

Having said that, out of all of the major advertising channels, Facebook has the most advanced and powerful targeting options available. With 2.5 billion users worldwide providing the network with a wealth of data that you can use to pinpoint your target audience – anyone from people on holiday in your area right now, to newly-engaged users in the market for the perfect wedding venue. These targeting options are one of the main reasons to use Facebook ads.

When is a good time to think about using paid ads?

Building brand awareness and generating leads is particularly important when you launch a business and online ads can help you do that and fast!

But before you start paying for ads on Google or Facebook, or anywhere in fact, there are a few questions you must first answer. How much are you willing to pay for a customer? How much is that customer worth to your business? Do you have a robust system in place to nurture the leads generated until it’s the right time for that customer to buy from you?

What's best for your business?

Facebook ads are particularly effective in raising your brand awareness to an audience that doesn’t know your business. A great way to do this is to offer something of value, such as an offer. The user will provide an email address in exchange for the piece of value. You then have the opportunity to keep in touch with this new lead until they are ready to buy from you in the future.

Google ads mean the person searching is actively looking for your service or product so has a high intent to buy; so they’re ideal if you sell something specific, and particularly if you sell it in a locality, as that will narrow down the search.

LinkedIn ads are also worth exploring if you are in the business to business sector.

At its simplest, what is best for your business depends on if what you’re offering is something potential customers want or need: Facebook ads are great is you are offering something people want; as opposed to Google which comes into its own if it’s something they need.

For tips and tricks to get the most out of marketing your business online, give Cornerstone Your Business a call on: 07929 905229.


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