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The Benefits of LinkedIn for your Business

Here at Cornerstone Your Business we are proud to support you in the marketing of every aspect of your business; from generating leads to enhancing your public image, we create a bespoke package for the unique needs of your brand.

One of the aspects often in the first phase of our marketing strategy is LinkedIn profiles. Why? Because this is a quick way to professionally profile your business to the world and can be, we often find, a marketing tool small businesses aren’t using to their full advantage.

So what are the benefits of using LinkedIn?

Here are five reasons LinkedIn can support your business.

1. It’s Free

That’s right, it doesn’t cost a thing! In a similar way to social media sites, you can pay for advertising on LinkedIn. But to just set up your profile for your business, as well as those of the professionals who work for you, it doesn’t cost a thing; and so in that respect, having a LinkedIn page is a bit of a no-brainer! However, just because it doesn’t cost anything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some time and attention. Our marketing manager Jess has some great tips for creating a profile that will reap rewards for your business.

2. Endorse Skills

One of the most useful aspects of LinkedIn is that once you have created a profile, you can endorse other users with a testimonial about their work, and they can do the same for you. This is great to give some weight to the claims you make about your business, as anyone looking at your profile can see that others have publically agreed what you say to be true. It instantly gives you credibility and can also be a fantastic way to build connections.

3. Research Tool

With so many businesses on LinkedIn, it’s a great tool for researching a business and its people prior to working with them. You can see if you have any of the same connections and read what others think of the service they offer.

When you’re recruiting you can also use LinkedIn to research potential candidates for a position and reach out to anyone you think maybe suitable for a role within your business. In a similar guise to Facebook, your LinkedIn ‘Feed’ will include any updates from your connections; which could, for example, be in the form of news articles they’ve shared or new appointments they’ve made. This can be very useful for keeping your finger on the pulse of important updates in your industry.

4. Virtual Notice Board

While you may use traditional marketing methods to showcase a new product or service you’re offering, you’re unlikely to market a recent course you’ve taken or accreditation your business has been awarded. But if you think of LinkedIn as a virtual notice board for your business, it’s a great place to shout about any news that your contacts, and clients, could be interested in. Constantly updating your profile as changes happen, also means you and your business present a relevant, proactive force in the business world.

Other aspects of LinkedIn to mention are that you can use it to let your contacts know of any opportunities within your business that they might want to enquire about, and you can see when others have viewed your profile; so that you can reach out to them to find out more.

5. Make Connections

Connecting with others on LinkedIn is certainly its primary use for most. It allows you to connect with former colleagues, as well as current ones, seek out businesses you can workwith and reach out to businesspeople in a professional format.

Groups on LinkedIn also allow for superb contact-building opportunities, offering a platform for sharing industry expertise between yourself and fellow professionals, as well as keeping abreast of all the latest news in your sector.

Like what you see? Get in touch with outsourced marketing manager Jess on 07929 905229 for further hints and tips, including a copy of her super-useful Cornerstone Your Business LinkedIn Optimisation Guide.


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