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Top 5 Tips for Email Newsletter Success

Communicating regularly with your database via email is an important part of your marketing plan; and even more so in the current climate where it’s likely the only way your customers will come across or be reminded of your brand is online.

What’s more, by providing valuable information and nurturing relationships with email marketing you’ll convert more enquiries into paying customers, and it costs very little to get started.

Cornerstone Your Business outsourced marketing manager Jessica says: “Email marketing is important for nurturing your sales leads. It’s said that only 3% of people are ready to buy from you when they first come into contact with your business. By providing valuable information to a potential customer’s inbox, you will be ‘top of mind’ when they are ready to purchase your services.”

Here are Jess’ top 5 tips to support the creation of e-newsletters for your business:

1. Who to send to

As long as you’re following GDPR, there is a lot of potential business you can reach out to with your email marketing.

Build your database in a CRM, to include: your current and past clients, all enquirers and prospective clients, referral partners (other businesses that compliment your own) and networking contacts. The latter is obviously harder to find when face-to-face events are cancelled, but there is still plenty of activity taking place online.

2. What content to include

The objective to your email marketing is to provide meaningful and valuable content to each person who opens it,” advises Jess. “You want people who receive your emails to look forward to reading them, so your content needs to be relevant, engaging and not too salesy.”

You could include news about your business, such as the launch of a product or a charity effort by your staff. Tips and advice about your service can be of interest to your clients, perhaps with a testimonial from a happy customer. Including a special offer, deal or event information is likely to attract attention, as well as interesting images and video content.

3. Effective subject lines

“The subject line of your email is very important,” says Jess. “It will determine whether the recipient opens the email or not. If the subject line isn’t attention-grabbing or relevant, the rest of the email essentially no longer matters.”

A good tip to remember is to focus your subject line on the piece of content that has the most value to the person receiving the newsletter. Think ‘what’s in it for them’!

4. When to send your e-newsletter

It’s so important to think carefully about when to send your email marketing, as you want it to have the largest impact it can. “Think about how your ideal client spends their day and identify the time when they’ll be able to invest a few minutes into reading your message,” says Jess.

What your business offers will obviously impact when the most effective time is, based on when they are likely to be reading their emails or thinking about your services. But we recommend splitting your data into three and trialling different times to see which get the best response.

5. Ensure visible Call to Actions

“Before completing your email content, consider what action you want the reader to take; this is known as a ‘call to action’. The real purpose of your email is to elicit a response, so make this as distinctive, clear and easy to do as possible. A ‘Contact Us’, ‘Follow Me’ or ‘Find Out More’ button will improve response rates,” recommends Jess.

Always keep in mind with your marketing, particularly anything online like email-marketing, that your customers or clients are extremely busy people and they need you to get to the point quickly! Why are you contacting them? What are you offering them? How can they hear more? Make it obvious.

Keep your content concise, your designs clean and simple and always try to add value to the experience, so your customers feel engaged.

To book a discovery call with Jess from Cornerstone Your Business to hear more about how we can support your email marketing strategy and get those phones ringing and enquiries coming in, call: 07929 905 229.

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