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Marketing Guide to Videos and Vlogging for SMEs

Creating video content for a small business is an essential part of a forward-thinking, effective marketing strategy.

At Cornerstone Your Business we use it both ourselves and on behalf of our clients, to inform, engage and inspire potential customers, as well as build brand awareness.

“People like buying from people,” says Cornerstone Your Business independent marketing consultant Jessica Morris-McKenzie. “A video is a simple and valuable way of putting a face to a name and allows your potential clients to see your personality and the genuine nature of your business.

“Video is becoming more and more crucial to the success of small businesses. People now consume more content from a mobile device compared to a desktop. As videos are much easier to digest than written work it makes them increasingly more popular. In fact, the current global forecast estimates the average person will watch an hour and a half of online videos each day in 2021!”

So here’s our overview on video and vlogging for SMEs and some of our tips and tricks for introducing it into your marketing plan...

What is video marketing?

Creating video for a business is all about content that enriches the user experience, but doesn’t ‘sell’ to them. It’s not about adverts or offers, but about building trust and offering advice, so that when a viewer needs the service your business provides, your brand name is at the front of their mind.

Once created, these videos can be used on your own website – perhaps as an explainer to talk through what it is you do – on social media to inform your followers, or on your YouTube channel to support your brand identity.

Why video marketing works?

Video content is easy to digest. Well created, succinct and relevant video content will inform potential customers in just a few moments of their time, without them having to stop to read written content or scan through an infographic.

As well as adding a bit of variety to marketing content, video will engage with new viewers and build trust, putting a face to your brand.

How can video content support a small business?

One of the many advantages of creating video content is that it supports SEO strategy, driving traffic and keeping those who click through to your website on your pages for longer.

If your brand is particularly niche or hard to explain, video content can be a great way of educating potential customers about exactly what it is that you do; and therefore why they should buy from you.

Video content is key for increasing engagement, with some statistics showing that a viewer is ten times more likely to interact with video content – share or comment – in comparison to other social media posts or blogs.

Tips for creating video marketing

  • Story – before you start your video, think about the story you want to tell your customers. Are you informing them about a product, or explaining how something works? Then create a quick storyboard for your video with a beginning (outlining why they should watch the video), middle (the bulk of the content with your advice and information) and an end (where you conclude the video and include a call to action).

  • Format – remember that most of your audience will be watching the video on a mobile device, as such you’ll need it in the correct format. Think about buying a few affordable items to support the professionalism of your video too, life a tripod and microphone. But the video itself can easily be done on a smartphone.

  • Backdrop – have a quick think about what will be behind you in the video – you don’t want it to distract, but equally something branded would be ideal. The lighting is important too, but you don’t need to spend anything to make it work, simply have a play with a few different angles and remember it’s best to face natural light.

  • Editing – there is plenty of free editing software available for once your video is made. Adding captions is a great way to support the viewer’s engagement with the content – so well worth adding those in too.

At Cornerstone Your Business we regularly create video and vlogging handbooks for our clients as part of our freelance marketing support packages; so do get in touch if you’d like to chat through how we can create a bespoke video ‘How To’ for your business.


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