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Marketing Tools: Ebooks as a Lead Magnet

At Cornerstone Your Business we aim to keep our finger on the pulse of all the latest marketing trends, and certainly one we’ve seen a marked increase in from clientsrecently has been ebooks.

So in this blog we thought we’d delve into the world of ebooks a little further and hopefully answer a few of the questions you may have.

What is a lead magnet?

Put simply in marketing terms, a lead magnet is a piece of marketing you put out there about your business in exchange for contact information, therefore gaining new leads. So in the case of an

ebook, that’s content in exchange for an email address. You can then use the new data to reach out to all those new leads who have shown an interest in your business enough to hand over their email address.

Why do ebooks make great lead magnets?

Done well, an ebook puts your business name out there in an authoritative, professional and long-term manner. Flicking through the pages your (potential) client can have their questions answered and learn more about what you do at their own pace and in their own time, without the feeling they’re being sold to that they might feel speaking directly to a salesperson. Because all they are handing over is their email address, anyone interested in your ebook feels they haven’t needed to invest anything to gain the information they want. But for you, that data is priceless; as you can now reach out to new people who have shown an interest in your business directly.

What makes a good ebook topic?

Our outsourced marketing manager here at Cornerstone Your Business says to remember one important aspect when deciding what topic to choose for your ebook: “What action do you want the reader to take?”.

Do you want them to feel more educated about what you do so that when they have a need for your business they’re reassured you’re the ones to call? In which case your ebook should be all about what you do and why.

Do you want them to buy into a new product or service you’re offering? Then perhaps choose that as the topic of your ebook.

Have you seen a particular keyword or blog do well on your website, or is there a specific question your team keeps getting asked? Then think about using that as your topic so you can unravel a few myths and inform them enough to make a purchase.

How do I create an ebook for my business?

Our outsourced marketing manager Jessica has plenty of experience creating ebooks for clients. Her top tips are:

Keep it simple, using existing content where you can, perhaps from a blog or, even better, an offline source.

There are plenty of tools out there to brand your ebook, Canva being a popular one. Make sure to keep your ebook branding consistent with that of your business; so the same fonts, colours, tone, logo etc.

Once completed, you’ll need a landing page on your website to house the ebook, creating a URL you can then send out to your existing database via email, and a link to promote via social media ads.

What do I do with the data?

Once you’re ebook is completed and you’ve got all the new leads rolling in, it’s important to consider what you will do with all these new email addresses, “Bearing in mind,” says Jess, “That only a small percentage of people will be ready to buy from you at the time of downloading the ebook".

Will you use all this new data to launch a new product a few months down the line? Will you go out with a ‘Sale’ message? Or perhaps you’ll think of a targeted enewsletter to this data with an introductory offer for new clients? The possibilities are endless, but as with all details you hold for existing or potential clients, remember to ensure you are practicing within GDPR.

We hope that offers some useful tips on why ebooks make great lead magnets. But should you have any further questions, or you like what you see and would love for our team to do the hard work for you, do give Jess a call on 07929 905229 and she will be happy to talk you through the wonderful world of ebooks!


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