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Make 2021 Your Best Marketing Year Ever

With the end of the year in sight, now is the time to look to your 2021 marketing plans and ensure it’s your best year ever!

Almost all businesses have been affected by the uncertainties of Covid-19 this year; from having to shut their doors and take less revenue, to supporting staff during childcare setting closures. Few have come out of 2020 completely unscathed.

That’s why for many, next year will be key: a year to recoup losses, generate new revenue streams and make 2021 their best trading year yet.

So where do you even start, particularly when there isn’t the capital to invest in marketing?

Outsourced Marketing Manager Jessica of Cornerstone Your Business says it’s all about thinking smart. “Making your marketing more successful next year doesn't necessarily mean investing more budget on your advertising, communicating more or taking on additional costs, such as the latest marketing software.

“This is about making smart decisions and keeping things simple!”

As a starting point, Jess suggests these three ‘Quick Wins’ for 2021 success...Price | Plan | Plug!

  1. Price: When was the last time you put your prices up? Chances are, not recent enough. Then I suggest you do some competitor analysis research – do you offer the best services or products on the market? Do you provide the best customer service or have the most 5-star reviews? Your prices should reflect this. Putting your prices up is the easiest way to success in 2021. Remember the old saying... good work isn’t cheap, cheap work isn’t good!

  2. Plan: A solid marketing plan for next year is essential. What’s happening in your industry during 2021 that you know about? National days of celebration, planned changes from the Chancellor, or trends affecting what you produce. Regardless of changes to your industry that will be out of your control (like Covid-19 restrictions), you can still plan out your campaigns for these known events that will still happen; whatever is going on in the wider context. Planning will also save you time and money in the long run, meaning your campaigns will be more successful.

  3. Plug: Now is the time to fix the leaks! Do you have a robust system in place to follow up leads, generate repeat business or up-sell to existing clients? If not, make this your immediate focus. Plot out processes using tools like MindMeister and get an effective CRM in place. While it’s all well and good having successful marketing processes that generate enquiries, unless you have a process to follow up on those and ensure your current database is being nurtured, you won’t be maximising potential revenue and you’ll simply lose leads.

We hope that helps get you started with your 2021 marketing plans. Keep checking back for new blogs with marketing hints and tips, as well as heading to our Facebook page for

Jess’ video series on marketing planning.

There are numerous ways we can support your business to make next year your most successful yet, so why not give us a call, and see how we can ensure you hit the ground running in January.


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