• Jessica Morris-McKenzie

Why are you sending a newsletter?

Being time poor with too many balls to juggle, few business owners can claim they do everything perfectly every time.

It’s often hard to find the capacity to really delve into an analysis of every decision you make. But for marketing plans, there are questions I would recommend you pause to ask yourself along the way, or risk hefty amounts of work for little return.

One of these questions which I always ask my clients when we’re auditing their current marketing plans is: why are you sending email newsletters?

While this might sound obvious (“to get more customers” I hear you cry!), from experience many businesses send out their email marketing without first considering two vital things: what is the value to the client, and what is the value to us?

What are the objectives?

The first task I take when reviewing this with my clients is to set objectives on why the newsletter is being sent, as once you know the objectives, you can structure and write the content accordingly.

I like to split this into two parts – firstly from a business point of view, and secondly from a reader’s point of view.

Business objectives for email newsletters

For most businesses there are three reasons you will want to send a newsletter out:

· To direct traffic to your website

· To encourage a potential customer to call

· Brand awareness: to stay 'top of mind' for when the customer is ready to book.

Of course there is plenty of content you might include on a newsletter – a new product launch, a charitable effort by your team, a testimonial from a client. But all of that content derives from the same purpose of fulfilling one of those three reasons listed above.

Recipient value for email newsletters

Again, for the reader/recipient of the newsletter, there are three objectives to bear in mind:

· Motivate – think about why they should choose your business? Include an offer or glowing customer review.

· Inspire – provoke their curiosity about your service and products.

· Educate – use soundbites of information to inform them about what it is you do.

Putting objectives into practice

Once you know the objectives of your email newsletters, you can put measures in place to meet them. For example, to meet business objectives, I would recommend adding clear 'call to action' buttons throughout the text; including links to services on your website; and detailing other useful, related blog articles you've previously written.

Remember that you want the content to be of value to the recipient, so it needs to be relevant, engaging and not too salesy.

Email newsletter checklist

Before hitting ‘send’, be sure to review your e-newsletter checklist:

· Is your email marketing GDPR compliant?

· Have you updated your CRM?

· Are there clear, correct call to actions?

· Have you considered when to send it to secure the best open rate?

· Is the newsletter on brand, including the correct fonts, colours and suitable imagery?

· Will your subject line encourage recipients to open the newsletter?

I hope that helps you to make the most of your email newsletter marketing. For a free, no obligation call to hear how I can support your business as an Outsourced Marketing Manager, please do get in touch: info@cornerstoneyourbusiness.co.uk | 07929 905 229.

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